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Spanish Morphology: Categories

+Cat major categories (part-of-speech)
+Feat minor categories (number, tense, subclass, ...)
Tag Description Examples
Word Analysis
+1P 1st person (verbs and pronouns) yo yo+Pron+Nom+1P+MF+Sg
+2P 2nd person te tú+Pron+Acc+2P+MF+Sg
+3P 3rd person canta cantar+Verb+PInd+3P+Sg
+Abrev abbreviations Sto. Santo+Titl+Abrev+Masc+Sg
+Acc accusative (pronoun) te tú+Pron+Acc+MF+Sg
+Adj adjective rojas rojo+Adj+Fem+Pl
+Adv adverb muy muy+Adv
+Apoc apocope, truncated forms do donde+Adv+Apoc
gran grande+Adj+MF+Sg+Apoc
+Art article unas un+Art+Indef+Fem+Pl
+Aum augmentative franjón franja+Noun+Aum+Masc+Sg
+Beg marks beginning punctuation ( (+Punc+Beg
+Card marks cardinal numbers cinco cinco+Num+Card+MF+Pl
+Com complement of preposition (pronoun) yo+Pron+Com+1P+MF+Sg
+Cond conditional cantaríamos cantar+Verb+Cond+1P+Pl
+Conj conjunctions porque porque+Conj
+Continent continent names Europa Europa+Prop+Continent+Fem+Sg
+Cort courtesy phrase Alteza Real Alteza_Real+Cort
+Dat dative le él+Pron+Dat+3P+MF+Sg
+Def definite (article) la el+Art+Def+Fem+Sg
+Dem demonstrative (pronouns) eso ése+Pron+Dem+Neut+Sg
+Det determiner ese ese+Det+Dem+Masc+Sg
+Dim diminutive (nouns, proper names, and adjectives) Carmela Carmen+Prop+Dim+Fem+Sg
+End ending punctuation . .+Punc+End
+FSubj future subjunctive cantare cantar+Verb+FSubj+1P+Sg
+Fem feminine gender unas una+Pron+Indef+Fem+Pl
+Fut future cantaré cantar+Verb+Fut+1P+Sg
+Gen genitive (pronoun) mis yo+Pron+Gen+MF+Pl
+IInd imperfect indicative cantabas cantar+Verb+IInd+2P+Sg
+ISubj imperfect subjunctive cantases cantar+Verb+ISubj+2P+Sg
+Imp imperative cantad cantar+Verb+Imp+2P+Pl
+Indef indefinite (article) tales tal+Det+Indef+MF+Pl
+Inf infinitive cantar cantar+Verb+Inf
+Interj interjections bravo bravo+Interj
+Interrog interrogative, on some pronouns dónde dónde+Interrog+Loc
quién quién+Pron+Interrog+3P+MF+Sg
+Let letters (letter names and literal letters) efe efe+Let+Fem+Sg
+Lit literal letters z z+Let+Lit+Fem+SP
+Loc location dónde dónde+Interrog+Loc
+Lugar place Madrid Madrid+Prop+Lugar
+MF masculine/feminine, invariant for gender libre libre+Adj+MF+Sg
+Man manner (interrogatives) cómo cómo+Interrog+Man
+Masc masculine gender, on nouns, adjectives, pronouns rojo rojo+Adj+Masc+Sg
+Mid mid punctuation - -+Punc+Mid
+NP acts as full noun phrase lo mío el_mío+Pron+Poss+NP+Neut+SP
+Neut neutral esto éste+Pron+Dem+Neut+Sg
+Nom nominative (pronoun) yo yo+Pron+Nom+1P+MF+Sg
+Noun nouns cantos canto+Noun+Masc+Pl
+Num number dos dos+Num+Card+MF+Pl
+Onom onomatopoeia tictac tictac+Onom
+Org organization (to be reviewed) ONE ONE+Prop+Org+Fem+Sg+Sigla
+PInd present indicative, for verbs cantas cantar+Verb+PInd+2P+Sg
+PP acts as full prepositional phrase conmigo conmigo+PP+Pron+Com+MF+1P+Sg
+PSubj present subjunctive cantes cantar+Verb+PSubj+2P+Sg
+PastPart past participle cantado cantar+Verb+PastPart
+Pay country España España+Prop+Pay+Fem+Sg
+Perf perfect (indicative) cantaste cantar+Verb+Perf+2P+Sg
+Pl plural number chicas chico+Noun+Fem+Pl
+Pluperf pluperfect cantara cantar+Verb+Pluperf+1P+Sg
+Poss possessive (pronoun) mío mío+Pron+Poss+Masc+Sg
+PostDet postdeterminer cualquiera cualquier+PostDet+Indef+MF+Sg
+PreDet predeterminer todas todo+PreDet+Fem+Pl
+Prep prepositions fuera de fuera_de+Prep
+PresPart present participle cantando cantar+Verb+PresPart
+Pron pronoun ella él+Pron+Com+3P+Fem+Sg
+Prop proper nouns Juan Juan+Prop+Masc+Sg
+Punc punctuation , ,+Punc+End
+Quant quantifier mucho mucho+Quant+Masc+Sg
+Reas reason (interrogatives) por qué por_qué+Interrog+Reas
+Ref reflexive (pronoun) se se+Pron+Ref+3P+MF+SP
+Rel relative (pronoun) quienes quien+Pron+Rel+MF+Pl
+SP singular/plural, invariant for number oasis oasis+Noun+Masc+SP
+Sg singular number es ser+Verb+PInd+3P+Sg
+Sigla sign, acronym ABC ABC+Prop+Soc+Fem+Sg+Sigla
+Soc company name ABC ABC+Prop+Soc+Fem+Sg+Sigla
+Sup superlative (adjective) buenísimos bueno+Adj+Sup+Masc+Pl
+Temp temporal (interrogatives) cuándo cuándo+Interrog+Temp
+Titl title Señora Señor+Titl+Fem+Sg
+Usastate state in USA California California+Prop+Usastate
+Verb verb cantar cantar+Verb+Inf
+WordPart string that is not a word by itself priori priori+Adv+WordPart
+Zodiac zodiac names Leo Leo+Prop+Zodiac+MF+SP

Three letters are used as special lexical-level delimiters.

= separates the lexical parts of "al" (a + el) and "del" (de + el), the two Spanish contractions
| separates an enclitic pronoun from a previous verb or enclitic pronoun
_ separates multi-word baseforms (at the lexical level)


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