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Greek Part-of-Speech Tagset

Tag Description Example
+ADJ (basic) adjective παιδικ?
+ADV (basic) adverb ευχαρ?στως
+CARD cardinal χ?λια
+CM comma ,
+COORD coordinating conjunction και
+COSUBJ conjunction with subjunctive αντ? [να]
+CURR currency $
+DET determiner τη
+DIG digits 123
+FM foreign words article
+FUT future tense particle θα
+INTJ interjection χμ
+ITEM item 1.2
+NEG negation particle μη
+NOUN common noun βιβλ?ο
+ORD ordinal τρ?τα
+PREP preposition ?ως
+PREPART preposition with article στο
+PRON pronoun αυτο?
+PRONPERS personal pronoun εγ?
+PRONREL relative pronoun οπο?ες
+PROP proper name Μαρ?α
+PUNCT punctuation (other than SENT and CM) : - ;
+PTCL particle ας
+QUOTE quote "
+SENT sentence final punctuation . ! ?
+SUBJ subjunctive particle να
+SUBORD subordinating conjunction πως
+SYMB special symbol *, %
+VIMP verb, imperative γρ?ψε
+VIND verb, indicative γρ?φεις
+VINF verb, infinitive γρ?φει
+VPP past participle δικασμ?νο


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