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English Part-of-Speech Tagset

Tag Description Example
+ADJ (basic) adjective [a] blue [book], [he is] big
+ADJCMP comparative adjective [he is] bigger, [a] better [question]
+ADJING adjectival ing-form [the] working [men]
+ADJPAP adjectival past participle [a] locked [door]
+ADJPRON pronoun (with determiner) or adjective [the] same; [the] other [way]
+ADJSUP superlative adjective [he is the] biggest; [the] best [cake]
+ADV (basic) adverb today, quickly
+ADVCMP comparative adverb sooner
+ADVSUP superlative adverb soonest
+CARD cardinal (except one) two, 123, IV
+CARDONE cardinal one [at] one [time] ; one [dollar]
+CM comma ,
+COADV coordination adverbs either, neither either [by law o by force];
[he didn't come] either
+COORD coordinating conjunction and, or
+COSUB subordinating conjunction because, while
+COTHAN conjunction than [bigger] than
+DET determiner the, a, this, my [house]
+DETREL relative determiner whose [the man] whose [hat ...]
+INFTO infinitive marker to [he wants] to [go]
+ITJ interjection oh!
+MEAS measure abbreviation m, yd
+MONEY currency plus cardinal $1,000
+NOT negation not [he will] not [come in]
+NOUN common noun house
+NOUNING nominal ing-form [his] working; [good at] singing
+ORD ordinal 3rd, second
+PARTPAST past participle (in subclause) [while] seated [he ...];
[the car] sold [on Monday]
+PARTPRES present participle (in subclause), gerund [while] doing [it];
[they began] designing [the ship];
having [said this ...]
+POSS possessive suffix 's [Peter] 's ; [houses] '
+PREDET pre-determiner such, half such [a way] ; half [the price]
+PREP preposition in [the house], on [the table]
+PREPADVAS preposition or adverbial as as [big] as
+PRON (non-personal) pronoun everybody, all, this [is ] mine
+PRONONE pronoun one one [of them]; [the green] one
+PRONPERS personal pronoun I, me, we, you
+PRONREFL reflexive pronoun myself, ...
+PRONREL relative pronoun who, whom, whose; which; that [the man] who [wrote that book];
[the man] whose [book I read]
+PROP proper name Peter, Mr. Brown
+PUNCT punctuation (other than SENT and CM) : - ;
+QUANT quantifier all, any, both, double,
each, enough, every, (a) few, half, many, some
many [prople]; half [the price];
all [your children]; time [enough];
any [of these]
+QUANTADV quantifier or adverb much, little much [better] , [he cares] little
+QUANTCMP quantifier or comparative adverb more, less more [people], more [expensive]
+QUANTSUP quantifier or superlative adverb most, least most [people], most [expensive]
+SENT sentence final punctuation . ! ?
+TIT title Mr., Dr.
+VAUX auxiliary (modal) [he] will [run], [I] won't [come]
+VBI infinitive or imperative of be [he will] be [running]; be [quiet!]
+VBPAP past participle of be [he has] been [there]
+VBPAST past tense of be [he] was [running], [he] was [here]
+VBPRES present tense of be [he] is [running], [he] is [old]
+VBPROG ing-form of be [it is] being [sponsored]
+VDI infinitive or imperative of do [He will] do [it]; do [not open!]
+VDPAP past participle of do [he has] done [it]
+VDPAST past tense of do [we] did [it], [he] didn't [come]
+VDPRES present tense of do [We] do [it], [he] doesn't [go]
+VDPROG ing-form of do [He is] doing [it]
+VHI infinitive or imperative of have [he would] have [come]; have [a look!]
+VHPAP papst participle of have [he has] had a cold
+VHPAST past tense of have [he] had [seen]
+VHPRES present tense of have [he] has [been watching]
+VHPROG ing-form of have [he is] having [a good time]
+VI verb infinitive or imperative [he will] go, [he comes to] see; listen [!]
+VPAP verb past participle [he has] played, [it is] written
+VPAST verb past tense [I] went, [he] loved
+VPRES verb present tense [we] go, [she] loves
+VPROG verb ing-form [you are] going
+VS verbal 's (short for is or has) [he] 's [coming]
+WADV interrogative adverb when, where, why
+WDET interrogative determiner which [book], whose [hat]
+WPRON interrogative pronoun who [is], what [is]


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