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English Morphology: Categories

+Cat major categories (part-of-speech)
+Feat minor categories (number, tense, subclass, ...)
Tag Description Examples
Word Analysis
+Abbr abbreviation ea. ea.+Quant+Abbr
+Acron acronym USA USA+Prop+Misc+Acron
+Adj adjective blue blue+Adj
+Adv adverb today today+Adv
+Aux auxiliary (verb) will will+Aux
+Bus business name Xerox Xerox+Prop+Bus
+Card cardinal (number) ten ten+Num+Card
+City city name London London+Prop+Place+City
+Comma punctuation comma , ,+Punct+Comma
+Comp comparative better good+Adj+Comp
+Conj conjuction because because+Conj+Sub
+Continent continent name Europe Europe+Prop+Place+Continent
+Coord coordinating (conjuction) or or+Conj+Coord
+Country country name Scotland Scotland+Prop+Place+Country
+Dec decimal (number) 1.23 1.23+Dig+Dec
+Def definite (determiner) these these+Det+Def+Pl
+Deg (academic) degree M.A. M.A.+Deg+Abbr
+Det determiner the the+Det+Def+SP
+Dig digital number 123 123+Dig+Card
+DlrAmt amount of dollars $100 $100+Dig+DlrAmt
+Elid elided verb form 'm be+Verb+Pres+1sg+Elid
+Expr phrasal expression a.k.a. a.k.a.+Expr+Abbr
+Fam last name Clintons Clinton+Prop+Fam+Pl
+Fem feminine gender (proper names) Mary Mary+Prop+Fem+Sg
+For foreign language c'est la vie c'est_la_vie+For
+Gen geinitive case (pronouns) my I+Pron+Pers+Gen+1P+Sg
+Indef indefinite (determiner) a a+Det+Indef+Sg
+Inf verb infinitive be be+Verb+Inf
+Init initial (proper name) A. A.+Init
+Interj interjection oh oh+Interj
+Let single letter x x+Let
+Masc masculine gender (proper names) Peter Peter+Prop+Masc+Sg
+Meas mesurement unit mm mm+Meas+Abbr
+Misc miscellaneous place name Thames Thames+Prop+Place+Misc
+Nom nominative case (pronouns) I I+Pron+Pers+Nom+1P+Sg
+NomObl nominative or oblique case (pronouns) you you+Pron+Pers+NomObl+2P+SP
+Non3sg not third person singular (verbs) play play+Verb+Pres+Non3sg
+Noun common noun computer computer+Noun
+Num spelled-out number three three+Num+Card
+Obl oblique case (pronouns) me I+Pron+Pers+Obl+1P+Sg
+Onom onomatopoeia miaow miaow+Onom
+Ord ordinal (number) tenth ten+Num+Ord
+Paren parentheses ( (+Punct+Paren
+Part (possessive) particle 's 's+Part+Gen
+PastBoth past tense or past participle played play+Verb+PastBoth+123SP
+PastPerf past participle gone go+Verb+PastPerf+123SP
+PastTense past tense went go+Verb+PastTense+123SP
+Percent percentage 99% 99+Dig+Percent
+Pers personal (pronoun) us we+Pron+Pers+Obl+1P+Pl
+Pl plural houses house+Noun+Pl
+Place place name Everest Everest+Prop+Place+Misc
+Poss possessive (pronoun) hers she+Pron+Poss+NomObl+3P+SP
+Prep preposition at at+Prep
+Pres present tense play play+Verb+Pres+Non3sg
+Prog progressive form going go+Verb+Prog
+Prop proper name Xerox Xerox+Prop+Bus
+Pron pronoun nobody nobody+Pron+NomObl+3P+Sg
+Punct punctuation mark ; ;+Punct+Spec
+Quant quantifier some some+Quant
+Quote quotation mark ' '+Punct+Quote
+Refl reflexive (pronoun) yourself you+Pron+Pres+Refl+2P+Sg
+Rel relative (pronoun) who who+Pron+Rel+NomObl+3P+SP
+Rom roman numeral XX XX+Dig+Rom
+Sent sentence final punctuation . .+Punct+Sent
+Sg singular house house+Noun+Sg
+SP singular or plural fish fish+Noun+SP
+Spec special punctuation --- ---+Punct+Spec
+Sub sunordinating (conjuction) because because+Conj+Sub
+Sup superlative best good+Adj+Sup
+Symbol literal symbol & &+Symbol
+Time (digital) time expression 12:00 12:00+Dig+Time
+Title title Mister Mister+Title
+Usastate state of the USA California California+Prop+Place+UsaState
+Wh interrogative (pronoun or adverb) who who+Pron+Wh+Nom+3P+SP
when when+Adv+Wh
+WordPart part of a multi-word (eg. New York) New New+Prop+WordPart+Sg
+Verb verb play play+Verb+Pres+Non3sg
+VPap adjectival participle played played+Adj+VPap
+VProg nominal or adjectival "ing"-form housing housing+Adj+VProg
+123SP any person, singular or plural ran run+Verb+PastTense+123SP
+1P first person we we+Pron+Pers+Nom+1P+Pl
+1sg first person singular (verbs) am be+Verb+Pres+1sg
+2P second person you you+Pron+Pers+Nom+2P+SP
+2sg second person singular (verbs) shalt shall+Aux+2sg
+3P third person them they+Pron+Pers+Obl+3P+Pl
+3sg third person singular (verbs) plays play+Verb+Pres+3sg


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