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Xerox Incremental Parser

An advanced incremental text parser for English, French and German with XML output (other languages are also supported, contact us)

Using the XIP Web Service

The XIPParser WebService exports the following method:

        string parse(string language, string options, byte[] input)


  • <language> can take one of the following values: "french", "english" or "german"
  • <options> can take the following values:
    • "-text"      if the input is in text format
    • "-tr -f -text" if the input is in text format and to display dependencies
    • "-t -text"   if the input is in text format, the output displays the syntactic tree
    • "-xml -text" if the input is in text format, the output is in xml 
    • "-xmltext 2" if the input is in xml
      the last option must be "-text" or "-xmltext depth"
      For more details about other option values see the XIP Reference Guide documentation or options
  • <input> is the text to parse

The parse method returns the linguistic information.

You can use the source code (java) of a client sample to call and test XIP in third-party applications.


Read more about XIP in our detailed documentation:

XIP API UserGuide
XIP Reference Guide
XIP User Guide
XIP Scripting





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