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Computer Vision Research at Xerox

Computer vision research and activities across Xerox Innovation Group
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Xerox computer vision researchers collaborate with the top academic institutions in the field.

  • MIT, “Direct methods for depth from defocus estimation” and "Visual memorability"
  • University of Oxford, "Large-scale object detection" and 'Object detection"
  • Carnegie Mellon University, “Multimodal Video Analytics for Intelligent Transportation Systems”
  • INRIA, "Fine-grained recognition" and "Large-scale visual recognition"
  • University of  Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Scene understanding"
  • University of Maryland, “Domain Adaptation Methods for Robust Vision Applications”
  • University of Maryland, “Mobile Computational  Photography for Document Imaging”
  • University of Barcelona, CVC "Data-less learning"
  • Penn State University, “Video Anomaly Detection for Transportation Applications”
  • Notre Dame University, “Video-Based Object Re-Identification in Heterogeneous Camera Networks”


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