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Similar Image Search

Search for similar images within a collection of images
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Here is an example of a combination of our image similarity search and categorization technologies.
You can take an image from our collection, or the web, and search a large collection of images for ones that are similar. We also use the categorizer from another demo to categorize images and allow you to search by categories --- there are no text tags here! Categories are determined automatically from the image content alone.

Image Search by Category

To search for images by category start typing the name of the category.
The interface will then assist you in finding the category you want.


Models are ways of categorizing images. In the advanced options, you can choose which model you want to use.


The images corresponding with the category will be displayed in the grid. The top left image is the one that corresponds the most, and the others are sorted in reverse correspondence order.

Similar Image Search

To search for images similar to another one you can click on any image in the grid or enter the image URL in the text field and click Find Images.
The application will display the query image in the top left cell, followed by the images sorted by decreasing order of similarity.
Note: you can fill the grid with a random set of images by clicking on the Random button.

Image Categorization

Any image of the grid can be categorized. Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the image.
The result contains the top categories along with the probability of the image to belong to each category.

Advanced Options

The advanced options panel allow the selection the collection to search. When this panel is displayed, you also create your own collections and add images to them. To display the advanced options panel click on the "Show advanced options" link on the right.

Image Collections

An image collection is a set of images inside of which you will search for similar images. The advanced options panel allows you to choose which collection to search in from the Collection list. This list contains first the public collections followed by your private ones.

Note that this list is updated every minute so if you create a new collection with the GVT Web Service, please refresh the page or wait 1 minute.

Private Image Collection Management

You can manage your private collection by accessing the advanced options. On the right of the collection list, you will find the following icons:

  • : This means that the selected collection is public and read only.
  • : Click on this icon to add your private image collection. Enter the name of the collection to create and select the model to use to index images (i.e. "generic"). Then click on the save icon to create the collection or to cancel this operation.
    Important: The "generic" model usually work better for image retrieval.
  • : Click on this icon to delete the current (private) collection.
  • : Add images to the collection

You can also manage you private collection using the simple user interface of the GVT web service. With this interface you can:

Adding Images to a Private Collection

The GVT service does not store the images indexed but only their signature and corresponding URL.

If your images are not publicly available you can upload them in your Open Xerox repository:

  • Create a new directory in your Open Xerox repository. By default this space is private and can be only accessed by you. But you can open it by giving the read permission to other users or group of users.
  • Upload your images. Note that with recent browser (Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 10+, IE9+) you can select multiple images from your local drive.

To add images to your private collections, select the collection to update and clicking on the icon. Then paste the image URL to index or select the images stored in your Open Xerox repository.

You can also manage you private collection using the simple user interface of the GVT web service. With this interface you can:

GVT Web Service API

This application is connected to the GVT web service and therefore you should look at this service to see how to provide similar feature in your application.


This product uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr.


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