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Rossinante Web Service

A web service to expose the operations that are behind the PDF to ePub web application called Rossinante.
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Welcome to the Rossinante Web Service

Rossinante if the name of a document processing family of services including:

  1. PDF-to-EPub: an interactive web application to convert PDF documents to ePub format in order to read them on a ebook reader.
  2. Rossinante Web Service: programatic operations, which are under the hood of PDF-to-EPub
  3. (deprecated) PDF-to-XML: old version of same service

NOTE: RossinanteWS has superceded PDF-to-XML. In particular, RossinanteWS does not require you to make available your document on the Internet since, byte[] are taken as input. Documents hosted on Open Xerox repository are accepted as well.

Currently, RossinanteWS offers those operations:

  • doHeaderFooterDetection : detection of page headers and footers
  • doHeaderFooterDetection_advanced : idem with additional service options
  • doPageNumberDetection : detection of page numbering
  • doPageNumberDetection_advanced : idem with additional service options
  • doTextSegmentationAndOrdering : text reflow and segmentation
  • doTextSegmentationAndOrdering_advanced : idem with additional service option
  • doTOCDetermination : detect the Table of Contents
  • doTOCDetermination_advanced : idem with additional options
  • doCaptionDetection : detect the image captions
  • doCaptionDetection_advanced : idem, with additional processing options
  • doFootnoteDetection : detect footnotes
  • doFootnoteDetection_advanced : idem with additional processing options

Please consult the forms associated with the advanced operations for details about the available processing options.


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