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Convert your PDF files to eReader format ePub in just a few clicks

Rossinante initially relied on a Mozilla technology called XUL, but Remote XUL is no longer supported by default on Firefox 4 and following versions.:-(

So we later on develop an HTML version with few limitations, but which works well with all major browsers.

However, the non-essential "View document" function still requires using Firefox, you will need to

  1. add the extension named Remote XUL manager to your Firefox browser
  2. authorise your browser to display our page by adding the domain https://rossinante.xrce.xerox.com/ and https://pdf2epub.services.open.xerox.com to the list of trusted domains (look for "Remote XUL Manager" in the Web Developer menu).

Then click again on "Try it now" and it will work fine.


JL Meunier - Feb. 21st 2011.


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