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PDF to ePub

Convert your PDF files to eReader format ePub in just a few clicks


This service will be stopped in the coming months due to organisational changes in Xerox. Sorry about this end and thanks to all for the feedback you provided.


Convert any PDF document to the e-reader ePub format in just a few clicks! Simply upload your PDF file, activate the conversion and you'll receive your ePub file. ePub is compatible with most of the currently available e-readers.

NOTE: starting October 2013, any computation taking longer than 5mn on the server is stopped. Sorry but this service is only for demo purpose.

If you like, you can even see and download the XML produced at each step in the conversion process.

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About the Application

Usual Web browsers are supported. However, Firefox will let you access some additional non-essential functions, if interested, please read this note.

All the conversion steps are available in a companion web service called Rossinante Web Service

Another service of interest is our automatic PDF Bookmarking service.

Please note that both services are provided for illustrative purposes:

  • They use a general-purpose parameterization rather then a collection-specific one, which they could use to increase the quality of the conversion
  • They are not meant to sustain massive conversions.
  • Feedback, suggestions and questions are more than welcome and can be submitted using our contact form.

This work was partly supported by the  EU Integrated Project  SHAMAN, co-funded within the 7th Framework Programme. 


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