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Automatic PDF Bookmarking

Make clickable the Table of Contents in your PDF files! In more details, this service detects and parses the Table of Contents (if any) from your PDF file and generates a so-called "bookmark" to embed a clickable ToC in your PDF file.
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This service will be stopped in the coming months due to organisational changes in Xerox. Sorry about this end.




Welcome to the Automatic PDF-Bookmarking service

This service helps you navigating and reading your favorite PDF documents, by automatically adding bookmarks in the navigation pane, reflecting their Table of Contents (if they have one of course!).

In more detail, the service will search for the Table of Contents (ToC) inside the PDF document, identify the part referred to by each entry of the ToC, make a hierarchy of the ToC entries and finally reflect this strutured ToC by bookmarking the PDF   ...But do not worry about this complicated explication, :-), the use of bookmarks is very intuitive in the PDF viewer tool!


  • we provide this service on OpenXerox to demonstrate the technology, it may not work on large PDFs
  • check that your PDF file is searchable (it does not only encapsulate page images but contains text.)

Under the hood are the same components as in PDF to ePub, which allows you to convert your PDF document to ePub format for easier reading on your favorite eReader. Those components are also available for developpers as web services from Rossinante web service. The update of the PDF is done using the pdfscribble Java library provided by our colleague Andreas Salathé.

Enjoy! And please give us feedback!




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