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Language Identifier

'What language is this ?'. The Language Identifier service will tell you what language the document is written in.

REST API Documentation

The language Identifier service can be easily used using the REST protocol to find what is the language of your document. 

You can use HTTP GET or POST request to call the service. You can call every operations listed in the SOAP API Documentation page (get language, list languages, ...).

GET Sample for the Language Identifier :

GET https://services.open.xerox.com/bus/op/LanguageIdentifier/GetLanguageForString?document=This is a sample in English

Here, we call the GetLanguageForString operation of the LanguageIdentifier service.
We add the document parameter.
We receive the language code in a JSON object. Exemple : "en" for English.
Please note that due to the limitation of url request length, it is always better to do POST request (see below) 

POST Sample for the Language Identifier :

Like the previous sample, we use a HTTP POST request to call the Language Identifier web service to avoid uri request length problem.

POST https://services.open.xerox.com/bus/op/LanguageIdentifier/GetLanguageForString
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded



jQuery Sample for the Language Identifier

{'document' : 'This is a sample in English'}, function (data) {
  var res = 'Not found';
  if (data != null) {
    res = data;


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