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Multilingual data retrieval
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GALATEAS QueryTrans - the first service for query translation

The GALATEAS project developed the GALATEAS QueryTrans system, the first translation service specifically adapted to translating queries.Xerox is the project coordinator of the GALATEAS project.

QueryTrans, with its technology of query translation based on web services, provides a simple but powerful cross-language information retrieval solution. Organisations can use their “resident” search engine and simply provide the original query to the QueryTrans service, by asking, at the same time, in which languages it should be translated. The service will then translate the query and send it back to the resident engine.

QueryTrans does not require access to the collection of the client and does not require adapting the organisation’s search engine or infrastructure. The only input required is the original query. The exposed methods return the translated query or a set of the most possible translations as calculated by the system.

Please click on "Try it Now" to access the main GALATEAS QueryTrans webpage.


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