About Open Xerox

About Open Xerox

Open Xerox is a web portal that hosts technology prototypes from the Xerox R&D labs, making them accessible to the external user community well before the launch of a product offering. The technologies featured here on Open Xerox are early or incremental releases that have not gone through the rigorous testing and validation generally conducted by product testing groups.

There are two main categories of technologies on the portal. The first, SOAP or RESTful Web services, are accompanied with API documentation to help you access them. The second group are web applications that run on the portal server. You may find these fun or useful in your everyday lives, too! Feel free to bookmark them and use them over and over. For your protection, Open Xerox incorporates security and full access rights management. Single Sign On transfers user credentials to all apps and services.

Open Xerox is also a gateway to information on other interesting Xerox lab projects, or to (open source) software that can be downloaded and executed on a user desktop, with instructions user manuals and starter kits. These kits are accompanied by appropriate licensing agreements.

Besides being fun, if any of the technologies look interesting for your own business needs, please contact us to talk about partnering opportunities.

Xerox welcomes your comments and suggestions! We are continuously working to improve the site and want to hear from you how to make it better.


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