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Xerox Finite State Technology (XFST) awarded by META

At the second META Awards announced in Brussels on June 20th, Xerox was awarded the META Seal of Recognition for XFST. The META Seal of Recognition recognises excellence in software, products, and services which actively contribute to the European Multilingual Information Society. The META Technology Council, a panel of 30 experts drawn from the European Language Technology landscape, recognised the contribution XFST has made to the European Multilingual Information Society.

Finite State Technology research concentrates on tools that specify and manipulate finite state automata (acceptors and transducers).  Our tools (xfst, twolc, lexc) are built on top of a software library that provides algorithms to create automata from regular expressions and contains both classical operations such as union or composition and also new algorithms such as replacement or local sequentialisation. Over the years, the Xerox Finite State Technology Tools for Natural Language Processing have come to be used all over the world in many linguistic applications such as morphological analysis, tokenization or parsing of a wide variety of natural languages.


META, the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance brings together researchers, commercial technology providers, private and corporate language technology users, language professionals and other information society stakeholders. META is preparing the necessary ambitious joint effort towards furthering language technologies as a means towards realising the vision of a Europe united as one single digital market and information space.

The META Seal of Recognition is awarded annually to select products and services which actively contribute to the initiative’s goals. This year is the second time the Seal of Recognition has been awarded at a special ceremony as part of META-FORUM 2012 held in Brussels, Belgium. Previous winners of this award include Google Translate, Loquendo, Lucy LT, VecSys, LinguaTec, Softissimo, SVOX, Systran and TAUS.


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