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News Release, Nov 15th: Four new imaging tools analyze, classify and retrieve images and collections in creative ways!

"Xerox Researchers Crack the Code on Easier Ways to Cut Through the Clutter of Documents and Photos."

The four technologies developed at the Xerox Research Centre Europe are

  • Similar Image Search – search through large collections of high-quality photos, digital assets, or graphic design elements to find what you need.  Can search five million images in less than a second on a standard desktop computer.
  • Image Categorizer – A recent winner of the International Imagenet benchmarking challenge in image classification, this technology automatically classifies images according to their content - no tags required. Targeted at advertisers, marketers or photographers who manage large collections of images, it uses machine learning techniques and image processing algorithms to analyze and classify image categories.
  • Aesthetic Image Search – Alpha prototype demo that tackles the difficult task of trying to learn what makes an image special and unique. For example, good beach photos are often characterized by silky waves obtained by a long camera exposure. The algorithm will detect such photos.
  • Catepix Sophisticated image analysis technology is used in this fun application that will analyze your Facebook photos and tell you what your photos say about your personality. Add it to your profile and find out what it says about you!


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