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New ways to sign in: S3, Google and Facebook

We've made it easier to use Open Xerox, by adding new ways to log on.

Now, you can use either your Xerox S3 account, Facebook account or  Google account to authenticate. Of course, you can still use the standard user/password method.

Plus new users don't even need to create a username/password to access the server.

Authentication with Xerox S3

On the login page, click on the Xerox S3 link: you will be prompted to use your S3 credentials to authenticate.

This method has several advantages:

- Same authentication method as many other Xerox web sites

- If you are already logged on another Xerox site with S3, you will be automatically authenticated on Open Xerox when you visit the site (Single Sign On)

- You will be automatically identified as a Xerox user. As such, you will have access to Xerox private services and other associated privileges.

Authentication with Facebook or Google

On the login page, click on the appropriate link. The first time you use this authentication method, you will need to accept the requested authorizations. Open Xerox only retrieves your login, name and email address. It does not access other private information.

The main advantage of using either authentication method is that, if you're already logged in to Facebook or Google, you'll be automatically authenticated, and won't need to provide any other input (login, password).

Note users who already have an account on Open Xerox:

If you already have an account on Open Xerox, please first follow the instructions below to avoid the creation of a second account by connecting with Facebook of Google.

Log in with your usual username and password (or with S3), then go to "My Account" (link above menu bar), and click on "Link to Facebook (or Google) Account". You will then be asked to accept the permissions. After that, you will be able to log in directly with Google or Facebook without needing to type your username again.



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