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New features added to Natural Language Color

Browse on over to see the two newest features added to our Natural Language Color web tool: Pixel Mask and Full-Res Save. 

Natural Language Color editing already makes improving your images a snap. Now Pixel Mask is sure to make it even easier.  Check the "Show Selected Pixels" box then choose a color name from the menu. You’ll instantly see which pixels in the image match the color name you’ve selected – they’ll be white and everything else will be black.  With this feature you’ll know if your image contains "pale sky-blues," or whether "green" or "foliage-green" will give you the best selection of the colors you want to change.

With the Full-Res Save feature, you can now save your results with a few clicks. Right-click over the new image and choose "Save Picture As...." We also made it easier to change among languages and freshened up the user interface.

We think you’ll find lots of uses for our Natural Language Color tool: fixing the lighting in your family newsletter photos, brightening up your holiday card, or just playing with a cool new Xerox technology. Please give the new-and-improved Natural Language Color a try and let us know what you think!


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