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New Open Xerox launched– it’s different

Publish, experiment, download and comment: new web services and apps available from anywhere.

Today we've announced the new Open Xerox because we’ve made a lot of changes. The infrastructure has been revised to make it easy to share your software on the web in multiple ways. Within minutes you can publish web services and web applications. Open Xerox can even make a command line technology a web service!  Open Xerox provides security and full access rights management, making it easy to control exactly who has access to what. Single Sign On transfers user credentials to all apps and services. On top of that, there’s a whole bunch of new user features.

Whatever you decide to post can be hosted by Open Xerox and made accessible from anywhere at any time over the Internet. 

Why you should go to Open Xerox

As a member of XIG, Open Xerox is the place to share your work for numerous reasons:

  • Open Xerox makes it easy to collaborate with partners on Open Innovation projects such as European Union and Government projects.
  • Use the portal to demonstrate your technology from wherever you are and to whomever you wish.
  • Collect feedback and usage data to help you in your development in the early phases.
  • Carry out customer pilots via the portal. Open Xerox can even host multi-tier services.
  • Engage public relations and create some buzz to attract more users.

The new Open Xerox is being released to XIG from now until mid-November. During that time the team will use your feedback to improve it before going public. Open Xerox needs you to bring it to life and get it ready to roll out across the world!

What’s on Open Xerox?

There are two main types of service on the portal:

1] SOAP or REST Web services.

Free access services are the PDF-to-XML converter, Language Identifier, Xerox Incremental Parser (XIP), CopyFinder and TagSearch.

2] Web applications that run on the portal server.

Applications you can access now are Trailmeme, Natural Language Color, Mr Taggy, PixText, and WikiDashboard. 

Other services and applications require a log-in.

Open Xerox is also a gateway to other XIG projects and (open source) software that can be downloaded and executed on a user desktop. These are accompanied by appropriate licensing agreements. Discover, for example, Xeproc document process modelling OS software.

We’ll be working on the look and feel and branding of the site over the coming weeks, but use it now – it’s for you and everyone you work with.

Open Xerox Team


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