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Introducing a new tool - Simple Personalized Imaging

Xerox researchers have released a utility that lets you customize your photos, allowing you to add or replace text in the image in just minutes. With this utility, you just upload your photograph and select where you want the text to go. The software does complex image analysis to determine the plane of the text area and suggests a bounding box which can be edited by the user if desired. If the text is moved around, the software maintains proper perspective. And for text replacement, the tool automatically fills the erased background with color matching the surrounding area. To enhance the effect, users may also change the font, size, or color of the text, and can even add shadow or adjust transparency. All with a simple and intuitive user interface! If you like the personalized image, just save it to your desktop – or, you can customize up to ten copies of the image with different messages. Great for invitations on special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, and the like! We hope you’ll enjoy using this tool, and we welcome your feedback too!

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