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Using a Service


Using a Technology or Web Application

An Open Xerox service registered as a Technology or Web Application has its own user interface. User should refer to their documentation before using the service

Using a Web Service

Most web services provide a set of forms for the consumption of operations from a web browser. These forms can be defined on the service's forms management page (see Service Forms for further information).

Web services can also be called from client application. See How To Use the API for more information.

Selecting a Web Service form

Web Service forms can be accessed:

  • From the service home page, by clicking on the name of the form under the try it menu:
  • On a specific "List of forms" page

The "Try it" button can be configured to go to a specific form or to the list of forms available.

The "All forms" link under the "Try it" menu is available only if there are more than 5 forms available.

Using a Web Form

In order to call a service operation you must fill in the different boxes on the form and then submit it. A loading spinner then appears during a service call, and the result is displayed at the bottom of the form.

A web form is composed of 5 areas:

  • Description: Information about this operation and how to use it
  • Parameters: Input parameters of the service operation. Help can be available as tooltip over the parameter labels. Several types of web form controls can be used.
  • Asynchronous: (Optional): If the developer let the user choose how the operation is executed, the following options are available:
    • uncheck Asynchronous (synchronous execution): The client browser will wait for the service to return the result.
    • check Asynchronous (asynchronous execution): When executing the operation, the system creates a job and return the job id. Use the "My Jobs" to view its status.
  • Execute operation button: A button to execute the operation with the specified parameters.
  • Result: Result of the Operation.

Web Form Controls

Web forms can have the following controls

  • Text
  • Radio Button
  • CheckBox
  • Select List
  • Slider
  • Binary Input
  • Directory

Binary input

Service Operation may need binary input.This input can be text, image or any content type depending on the service. To allow the user to input this content, the form provide a binary input control that can contains the following tab:


Select a file from the user repository to be used as a binary parameter.

Local File

Choose a file to be uploaded from the user computer and passed as parameter to the service operation.


Enter the URL of the content to be downloaded and sent as a parameter to the business service


The text entered in the field area is converted into binary data and sent to the business service


The Facebook tab will first ask the user to authorize the Open Xerox application to access his/her albums

Then the user can browse into his/her albums and select the image to be downloaded and sent to the service.

Result of the Operation

The result of the operation can be:


If no error occurs, the result is displayed in a green frame.

Error in the service operation

If any error occurs when processing input parameters or any exception is raised by the service, the list of errors is displayed in an orange frame.

Open Xerox Failure

If there is an error outside of the service operation call, this error is reported as an HTTP error and is displayed in a red frame.