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Setting Up an Open Xerox User Account

Why register?

  • Some service features are restricted to logged users ("authenticated permissions").
  • You need to have an account in order to be a developer and to register services.
  • Logged users can build a list of favorite services and have access to a personalized homepage.

Creating an account

If you do not have an Open Xerox account yet, you can create one using the registration form below.

When completing the above form, note that:

  • Your Email address must respect RFC 5322 and not contain any of the following characters: '\/:*?"<>['
  • Your password must contain at least 7 characters.

Once you have submitted the form by clicking on "sign up", you will be sent a mail containing an activation link that will enable you to activate your account.


Once your account is activated, you can log in with the login form.


You can also use your Facebook account or you Google Account to login to Open Xerox by clicking the appropriate image on the Login page (see above).
You need to allow Open Xerox application to read your profile information such as name or email address. 

Please note that if you're already connected to Facebook or Google, you doesn't need to re-type your login/password information. You will be automatically login in Open Xerox after you allow Open Xerox application.

If you already have an Open Xerox account, you can link your account to Facebook or Google in the My Account page.
With a linked account, you can login with Facebook or with your old Open Xerox account (like you want).

Account management

Once you are logged in, if you need to modify the information relating to your account, you can do so on your Account management page.

Password modifications, however, cannot be made on this same form; you need to use the Change password form.


Favorite services

Each logged user can have his or her own list of favorite services, which appears on the Services home page and provides faster access to the individual home pages of these services.


Adding a service to the favorites

To add a service to your favorites list, click on "Add to favorites" in the left side navigation bar of the service home page.

Removing a service from the favorites

To remove a service from your favorites list, click on "remove from favorites" in the left side navigation bar of the service home page.

Your Public Profile

As a registered user, the following information about your personal details will be available to other authenticated users who wish to contact you: your role (e.g. developer), login name, first name, surname, email address, country, company, field of activity (e.g. IT), job profile (e.g. project director), account activation date.

Contacting Other Open Xerox users

See  "Contacting Open Xerox Users/Owners" in Help menu.