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Authentication with Xerox S3

What is S3?

S3 is a single-sign-on (SS0) solution available to Xerox employees.

Why use S3?

This method has several advantages:

- No need to create a new username and password for this site

- Same authentication method as many other Xerox web sites

- If you are already logged on another Xerox site with S3, you will be automatically authenticated on Open Xerox when you visit the site (Single Sign On)

- You will be automatically identified as a Xerox user. As such, you will have access to Xerox private services and other associated privileges.

In case of problem

If you are not a Xerox employee, you should use another login solution: Facebook, Google or username/password (this is described in our FAQ page).

If you are a Xerox employee, and do not know if you have an S3 account or how to use it, please read the S3 FAQ page.

You will find more information about S3 on the S3 site.