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Publishing Your Services

Open Xerox users with the developer role can publish their own service on Open Xerox.

It is very easy to publish and manage services on Open Xerox within a couple of minutes. The Open Xerox portal supports many types of services: SOAP and REST Web Services, Web Applications or even simple web sites. They can be links to services hosted externally or hosted on the Open Xerox Cloud infrastructure. For the moment, this cloud supports:

  • .net and Java-based web services.

  • .net, java or php-based web applications

Support for other types of services can be added at anytime using the online request form.

Open Xerox offers a unique feature that can automatically expose command-line applications such as web services.

Share Your Services

The portal provides a fine-grained permission checking mechanism. Any service registered on Open Xerox starts as hidden to the general public. Then by granting permission to selected users and groups, service owners can invite and create a beta test community. Once it is ready for public launch, service owners can then open permissions to either only authenticated users or, if they wish, to everybody.

Get Feedback

With Open Xerox, you can get several types of feedback: public comments, ratings, private contacts and even detailed logs.

Detailed logs of calls to your service can be viewed online. They contain the description of the service called, but not the data. This helps the developer to easily find sources of error.

These logs can be exported allowing detailed analysis of service usage.

The statistics view provides a graphical display of these logs.