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How to Use the Service Home Page

The Service Home page is the first page you access when you click on any of the services on the List of Services page. Here you will find a description of the Service with text embedded links to more detailed and related information.

Below the service description, you will also find a comments section, where you can view users’ comments, write your own comments and rate the service (out of 10). Next to the name of the service, at the top of the page, a score (in the form of colored stars) shows how the service has been rated so far by those who have tried it.

You may also try the service by clicking on “Try it Now” below the name of the service or in the left side navigation bar (2). For some services, you need to log in (username, password). Any other restrictions on trying the service will also be indicated (e.g. only available to Firefox users).

Left side navigation bar

A number of useful links can also be found in the left side navigation bar. Depending on the service, you can thus access relevant documentation (e.g. a document on Romanization, Transcription and Transliteration in the Arabic Morphological Analyzer), press releases, videos, as well as relevant Facebook links (3).

If there is a “+” sign next to “Try it Now” in the left side navigation bar, click on “+” to obtain the full list of demos available.

Web services may provide information on how to use the SOAP API with a link to “How to Use the API”. This contains the link to download the WSDL of the service. The address of the service metadata (Wsdl) can be used to generate the service stub for a user’s web service client.

Some services will also provide FAQ (4).

All services provide a link for contacting the owner (5): see Contacting an Open Xerox User. You can also access the comments section to comment on the service, by clicking on the "Share a comment" link in the left side navigation bar (6).

Finally, logged in users can add the service to the list of favorite services by clicking on "Add to Favorites" (7). See Favorite services for more information.