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Becoming a Developer

Why become a developer?

To publish a service on the Open Xerox portal, you need to have the developer role. This role is attached to your Open Xerox account.

Who can have the developer role?

Currently, only Xerox employees can obtain the developer role.

If you are not a Xerox employee and want to create a service, please contact us.

How to ask for the developer role

There are several ways to ask for the developer role. The simplest is to click on this link. You can also go to "My Account", and click on the ask for developer role link on the line "Roles".

Note that if you try to publish a service and don't yet have the role of developer, you will automatically be prompted to request it.

Then confirm that you want this role by clicking on the  button.


Once your request has been processed, you will receive an e-mail. Then you can proceed, for example, by reading the documentation on "How to Add a Service" (accessible only to users with the developer role)