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  • About Open Xerox
      What is Open Xerox ?

      Open Xerox is a web portal that hosts technology prototypes from the Xerox R&D labs. More information available in About OpenXerox

      What types of service can be found on the Open Xerox portal?

      There are several types of service:

      What is EIP ?

      Some Open Xerox services are accessible from EIP-enabled devices.

      Xerox EIP is a software platform on which developers can use standard web-based tools to create server-based applications that can be configured for the multifunction printer's touch-screen user interface.

      You can find more information about EIP on the dedicated Xerox Page : http://www.office.xerox.com/eip/enus.html


      Can I use Open Xerox without signing up?

      Yes, you can. Open Xerox lets you try out the latest applications, run services and test technology in third-party applications, but signing up is quick and easy and there are a number of advantages, like access to more services, and a personal repository to store your files.


      What is meant by a personal repository in Open Xerox?

      Your personal repository is where you can hold documents you want to use as input to your services. You can upload, download, rename, copy and manage permissions on these files or directories via this portal or using the repository API.


      Are there any restrictions on the use of Open Xerox?

      Yes, the use of Open Xerox and of any content or applications that are made available from or through Open Xerox is governed by specific Terms and Conditions.


      What should I expect from OpenXerox technologies ?

      The technologies featured on Open Xerox are early or incremental releases that have not gone through the rigorous testing and validation generally conducted by product testing groups.

      Will I have to provide personal information to become an authenticated user and, if so, how will it be used?

      Yes, you will be required to provide information about yourself, including your email address, as part of the user account registration process for the Site or as part of your continued use of the Site. User Information will be used only in accordance with the Open Xerox Privacy Policy available at Private Policy.


  • My Account
      Do I need an account to use OpenXerox ?

      You don't need an account to use OpenXerox but you will be able to access more technologies if you have one. Some publishers restrict the visibility of their services to some users or group of users.

      Authenticated users have access to extra features:

      • Private repository for storing data to be used as input of multiple services,
      • Ability to start jobs in the background and monitor their progress,
      • Access to more services
      How can I create an account on Open Xerox?

      There are several ways to create accounts on Open Xerox. First, you need to go on the Log In page, and then select your preferred method:

      • Sign up: to cerate a local account on Open Xerox
      • Use Facebook to use your Facebook credentials when logging on Open Xerox. You will not have to type your password if you already have an active Facebook session. Your Facebook password is never sent to Open Xerox, and the only Facebook information we access is your identifier and email address.
      • Use your Google account. Again, you will not have to type your password if you already have an active Google session. Your Google password is never sent to Open Xerox, and the only Google information we access is your identifier and email address.
      • Use your S3 account: this method is for Xerox employees who have an S3 account.

      Please choose the way you find the more convenient. Once you created your account, it is recommended to always use the same login method (Facebook, Google, login) each time you visit Open Xerox. If you use several methods, you might end up with several accounts.


      How do I change my password ?

      You have to log in, select [Account Management] from the top menu bar and click on [Change Password]. Also, note that if you use an alternate login possibility (Facebook or Google), you don't need to use a password at all!

      What if I forget my password?

      From the [Log In] page select the [Forgot your password?] link. Enter your e-mail address and submit. Once you submit the address, we will send you an email containing a personalized link with instructions to reset your password.

      How do you manage my personal information?

      This is described in our Privacy Policy page.

  • Publishing Services
      Who can publish a service on Open Xerox?

      At this time, only Xerox users may publish new services on Open Xerox.

      Moreover, they need to have the "Developer" role in order to be able to create a new service. In order to get this role, go to "My Account" and select the "Ask developer role" link.


  • About Xerox
      I have problem with my printer, scanner or copier

      If you have problems with a Xerox equipement you can find solutions at Xerox Support & Drivers.

      How to order consumable items

      To order toner or other consumable items and track your orders, please go to Xerox Supplies

      Meter Reads

      Information about print meter reads is available on the main xerox.com site (Account Management > Meter Readings)

      Recycling at Xerox

      Information about recyling, waste, shipping request and return label are available at Xerox Green World Alliance

      Where can I find my learning/eTime/CBC/elearning/...

      Xerox employees can access Learning@Xerox to find and take courses.
      More information is available on the Xerox Webboard

      Where can I find Xerox Webmail ...

      Xerox employees can access Xerox webmail to check emails.